Zooming Good Training

One of the functions of The Farm Consultancy Group (FCG) is to provide group training for 25 consultants and rural business professionals every 6-8 weeks. Pre Covid 19 we would meet for a day centrally in England and invite external experts or use within FCG colleagues to provide updates and training. This is a key element of being able to provide up to date fresh thinking to challenge our clients in the latest technologies and to equip our people with the skills to deliver added value.

This process has ceased since 23rd March but with change as our mantra we have adapted and changed our training style. From mid-May to mid-June we ran three 1.5-hour sessions online via zoom with an offline case study exercise in sub-groups between the second and third training sessions. The benefits have been better use of time with no travelling, training broken up to give time to digest, a case study exercise involving all trainees to help cement learning and being able to access the best trainers for short sessions.

The feedback from attendees has been very positive and it will be a method we will adopt more in the future when we know what the new ‘norm’ will be. Out of adversity springs opportunity.

What have you had to adapt or change in your business in the last four months that you will continue to do going forward?

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