White Avon Consultancy Update

White Avon Consultancy have had a very busy couple of months with many successful outcomes.

Examples include –
• Planning permission for two permanent dwellings and one temporary dwelling for farm workers.
• Permission obtained for two agricultural buildings.  This application was taken to and passed at committee, represented by us.
• Four milking robots grant aided at 40% funding.
• Cow tags and LED lights grant aided at 40% funding.
• Grant funding obtained for smoothie and frozen fruit processing equipment under ‘Countryside Productivity’ – Adding value to Agri-food.
• 1,000 square foot warehouse unit grant aided in south Wiltshire (£170,000 of grant).
• Achieved grant funding for a direct drill through LEADER.
• Organised logistics and supply agreements for the movement of 2,500 tonnes of maize.  Also organised forward sale of 4,000 tonnes of maize for the coming winter.
• Reclaimed £54,000 for a new client in lost BPS income from previous years.
• Provided advice on budget, cashflow and general farm advice to enable a partnership to dissolve with a new business being established.
• Some grant applications are still in progress, these include a farm kitchen in Wiltshire, extension to a farm café in Gloucestershire, refurbishment of a butcher’s shop in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, holiday accommodation in West Gloucestershire and a slurry separator and rainwater harvesting equipment in Wiltshire.
• We have submitted a further two agricultural justifications for farm workers dwellings, with feedback so far looking positive.

White Avon are excited to announce that as new member of the team, Cari Beard will be joining us at the beginning of November as a Compliance Consultant.  This will include Health and Safety, Farm Assurance and Cross Compliance.  This will enable us to support our clients in all areas of future compliance which is something that is becoming more and more important in the agricultural industry.

Contact George at georgedrewett@fcgagric.com for more information in the wide variety of services provided by the Chippenham office.

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