“Veganuary” and “Dry January”

Like, I suspect, many involved in agriculture, I have a number of friends and relations who have nothing to do with farming, and who are town or city dwellers.  Many of them have been talking about “veganuary”, and a handful who have even tried it.  In some ways, if they embark on “dry January”, it may make their company an even worse prospect for an evening out.

Whatever we think about it, this sort of behavioural change, particularly a reduction in meat/dairy consumption, seems destined to affect the nation’s and the world’s attitude to animal farming over the coming decades.  The arguments against veganism that I have so far seen are weak, and poorly put together.  Most of us accept that climate change, especially, is crucial to conquer.  We either need to come up with stronger arguments, or better science (that rebuts the claims), or accept that the human population will increasingly gravitate towards a more plant-based diet.  Our leaders (such as Dairy UK, RABDF, NFU, amongst many others) need to work hard on both the science and the arguments.  Otherwise the future for livestock farming could be severely compromised.

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