Under Pressure?

Is this the winter to carry less cows in your buildings?  Too often as consultants, we see farmers strive to increase output by carrying more cows and maximising all their assets, whether it is bulk tank, cubicles, silage clamps etc, but all too often in adverse weather, market price changes or calving pattern shifts, one or more resources is over stretched.  Sometimes labour, which affects everything is the one to be overstretched, but not identified as the issue.

Many times, we see dairy farmers reduce milking herd by 5% and milk output remains the same.  When forage and quality feed is so precious and scarce, is it a false economy keeping those last ten milkers which are below average or have recurring health issues fed an expensive feed, creating overcapacity physically, and under performance financially over the whole herd?

Maybe the current adverse feed stock situation is an opportunity to address this?

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