Technical Update January 2015

January 2015

Welcome to this edition of the Regulation
Technical Update prepared by the Farm
Consultancy Group.

In this issue:

· CAP Reform
· BPS Registration
· Countryside Productivity Scheme

CAP Reform

The December CAP Reform Update has confirmed a few uncertainties:

Active Farmer

Renting out the following will not count as Operating a “real estate service”:
· Accommodation facilities on a farm
· Apartments or homes that are in a farmer’s private property for housing purposes
· Part of buildings or surfaces on the Holding
· Agricultural land to third parties 


1. The farmer’s annual payments for SPS or BPS are at least 5% of their total non-agricultural receipts in the most recent financial yea

2. The farmer’s total agricultural receipts are at least 40% (originally 15%) of their total receipts in the most recent financial year

3. The farmer has at least 36 hectares of eligible land 

Eligible Land 

All hedges covered by Cross Compliance are now eligible.

The area taken up by pens for rearing game is not eligible for BPS. However, if the pens are moved at least every 28 days, the area will be eligible for BPS, under the 28-day

Young or New farmer
Applicants must apply online by 15th May and must submit a ‘certification form’ to the RPA which must be filled in and signed by an independent solicitor/accountant as proof that they have seen documents showing the applicant is in ‘control’ (directly exposed to personal financial benefit or harm resulting from the success or failure of the business) of the agricultural business, the date that they took control of the business and their date of birth.

EFA buffer strips
Must be ‘visually distinguishable’ from neighbouring EFA fallow land, Eg:
· it’s different vegetation
· the vegetation is of different heights
· the land management is different (for example, the fallow land has been cultivated 

Permanent crops
A crop does not have to have been in the ground for 5 years before it counts as a permanent crop; this relates to the type of crop.

BPS definition of ‘a farmer’
Confirmed that ‘dense’ scrub is any area of scrub that cannot be grazed.

BPS Registration Now


Can be done by phone; 0300 020 0301. 

Call your FCG Consultant for assistance.

Countryside Productivity Scheme

Grant funding proposed for early 2015 start:
· Investing in innovative equipment,
· Managing resources
· Improving woodfuel and forestry supply chains.

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