Technical Update Feb 2016

February 2016

Welcome to this edition of the Regulation Technical Update prepared by the Farm Consultancy Group


Natural England will be approaching those
with expiring HLS Agreements where NE
want that land in Higher-Tier.

All Woodland applications will be in Higher- Tier but have different deadlines for Expression of

Funding for woodland creation
The woodland creation grant is available for applications until 31 March 2016 (although
applicants must request a map from Natural
England by 24 March 2016).

CTS Links

From 22 February BCMS will be carrying out a data cleanse activity on the Cattle Tracing System
This will focus on CPH data held by BCMS.
From summer 2016:

All CTS links will be removed in England (a
similar project is looking at the removal of
CTS Links in Wales).
· Farmers will be able to merge CPHs
as long as they are within a 10-mile
radius of each other. This 10-mile
rule already applies to cattle keepers
but the rules will be extended so they
cover sheep and goats too. Sheep
keepers will be able to merge their
existing CPHs if they are within a 10-
mile radius.
· Farmers will be able to apply for a
Temporary Land Association (TLA) for
land parcels within 10 miles of the
main holding or a Temporary CPH
number for land over 10 miles from
the main holding. APHA will manage
the allocation of TLAs and temporary
CPH numbers.
Watch out for more details in the coming

This technical update is prepared in good faith and every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. However, all responsibility for actions taken lies with the recipient. Further professional advice should be sought as appropriate.

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