Successful First Round of Countryside Productivity Small Grants

It has recently been announced that £23.5m funding has been allocated under the first application round for the Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme.  Initially, £15m was set aside for this scheme, but this was increased to meet the number of eligible applications received.

We are awaiting news of a second round, and we expect this round to be equally as popular as the last.

Items that were eligible on this grant scheme included cow collars, automatic calf feeders, handling systems, weigh crates, and many more practical items, hence why the uptake of this grant was hugely popular and successful.  The application process was also straightforward, which made the whole process simple.

Those that were successful in receiving funding will have been notified, and you have up to 150 days to purchase and claim these items.  However, this has caused slight complications as due to the uptake of this grant, there is a shortage of some equipment such as cattle and sheep handling systems.  If you are affected by this, the rules are you must purchase and submit the claim within the 150 days, but the equipment can then be delivered after, and grant payment will be made once the item has been delivered.

To stay informed about these grants or for help with your claims, please contact Steph Emmerson at or your local FCG office. 

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