Success – A Legally Binding 106 Agreement is Removed for Agricultural Planning

Legally binding 106 conditions are quite commonly attached to planning permissions, and over time they can have serious impact on the ability to develop the business and reduce the core asset value.  We were recently asked by a client to argue the agricultural case for the removal of a 106 condition that had been applied to a parcel of land when permission was granted for a new farm workers cottage in the 1980’s.

In this case the original permission had been for a farm workers cottage and this was upgraded to a farmhouse and at this point the 106 was agreed.  We successfully argued that the planning permission on the house could now be satisfied without it being tied to the specific adjacent parcels of land.

The client is very happy as he has now able to sell some of the land previously restricted by the 106 agreement at full market value.  For all your agricultural planning issues contact William at or your local FCG Office.

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