Stewardship Hedgerow Payments

There is an increase in the number of standalone capital payments allowed under stewardship agreements and there is a number of capital items no longer need to be applied for with a full stewardship agreement.

Hedgerow and fencing options

With a renewed interest in environmental scheme payments it may be time to consider improving the condition of some farm hedgerows. From a biodiversity standpoint, a well-maintained hedge is one of the most important farming features especially in conjunction with field margins or buffer strips.
A cropped field margin, in many cases, fails to make a gross margin due to lower yields and in some cases increased inputs. Therefore, locating a field margin or buffer strip will almost certainly increase the net margin of the field.

The closing date for capital only grants under stewardship is the 31st July. However, if you are looking for capital grants that needs the approval of a catchment sensitive farming officer, then the request for the visit from the CSFO has to be made by the end of May.

Contact William at or your local FCG office, for help in designing a catch or cover crop for your specific requirements.

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