Staff Involvement

One of the key points that came out of our study tour to Denmark was ensuring the farmer involved his team in decision making.  They do this by using a “Board Meeting”, that takes place weekly for about 20 minutes around a white board in an area that all staff can see and pass regularly.
These meetings are very structured in terms of the agenda as follows:

1. Weekly planner- any key events for the coming week, e.g. silage making.
2. Progress on areas of improvement from last week.
3. New ideas, that are then prioritised.
4. Review of target KPI’s that are the main focus at the moment, e.g. reducing cell counts.
5. What positive things happened last week.

By using this agenda all team members feel involved and able to contribute to the way the business is being run.  It is a good opportunity for them to give ideas on how things could be changed/improved and also a chance to explain why certain tasks need to be carried out.
The pictures below show an example of whiteboards in a large milking unit 450 cows employing a team of six workers:

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