Soil, Nutrient and Biodiversity Management Planning

Recently I was asked to complete a soil, nutrient and biodiversity management plan for a client who required it for their milk buyer.  It was a great opportunity to be able to discuss management of land to reduce the risks of soil runoff, erosion, nutrient leaching and biodiversity damage through improving cropping, fertiliser, sprays and livestock management.

Following a farm visit we were able to provide the client with a portfolio of risk maps, soil assessment, biodiversity and conservation plans and fertiliser recommendations alongside manure management plans.

By producing these plans, they act as a point of discussion and action which can lead to positive outcomes for your business and the environment as well keeping your business compliant for milk buyer and RPA.

I have recently completed the BASIS Soil & Water training course with BASIS.  This enables me to advise our clients on all matters relating to improving soil and water management on their farms.

Please contact Emily at or your local FCG office, if you require a soil or nutrient management plan completed or updated.

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