Soil Analysis – Don’t Forget Texture and Organic Matter

To state the obvious, soils are the base of all we do as farmers, so it is somewhat surprising that only 30% of grassland soils are at optimum status for pH P and K.  Ensuring reliable soil analysis is important.

For most dairy farmers the window for soil analysis is quite short as fields should not have received slurry or FYM for at least 2 months prior to sampling and is representative of the whole field.

Once you have the sample it is worth ensuring that the analysis provides the information that is needed.  As we know more about the importance of Soil Organic Matter (SOM) or soil organic carbon, it is worth ensuring that this is recorded.  However, soil type and the clay content in particular, has a major effect on how much SOM a soil can hold, so ensuring that you have a record of clay silt and sand fractions of the soils is critical.

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