Silaging Safety

Top Tips for staying safe at Silaging:

1. Ensure all tractors and equipment are maintained, in a good condition (including all guards in place) and only operated by competent persons.

2. Switch the machine off and allow time for it to stop before clearing blockages.

3. Do not allow children to play around the yards or fields where silage operations are taking place.

4. Do not overfill silage stores (excessive filling will increase the likelihood of overturning and falls from height).

5. Take extra care when working near Overhead Power Lines – ensure workers know where they are located and have a suitable clearance distance.

6. Ensure all persons involved in stacking bales are properly trained, understand the safe working procedure and are aware of the risks and precautions that must be taken.

For more information or health and safety advice, please contact Cari at the Rural Compliance Service on 01249 750151, or

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