Severn Trent Grants

The water company, Severn Trent, operates a system of grant funding, which they hope will encourage water users to reduce diffuse pollution in water courses, and to make environmental improvements.  Applicants have to be in one of their priority catchment areas to be eligible.

The maximum grant available is £5,000, which at a rate of 50% means that capital spend would be £10,000.  Examples of eligible items include watercourse fencing, pesticide wash-down areas and sediment traps.  Businesses can apply to the annual scheme every year in an application window of November to 31st January.  The scheme will run until 2025.

They also offer a grant to farmers of £8/hectare to change from metaldehyde slug killer to ferric phosphate, a much less polluting chemical.   Currently it costs them a lot to remove metaldehyde from water.  Therefore, they want to do all they can to reduce its use, although it is already due to be banned in Great Britain from 2020 by law.

Contact Charles at or your local FCG office, on the availability of Water Catchment grants in your area.

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