Rural Compliance Service

Farmers must comply with an ever-changing array of environmental, welfare and safety regulations. The number of unannounced inspections is rising, and regimes are only getting tougher.

Inspections can occur at any time.  Are you ready?

The Rural Compliance Service will provide you with all your paperwork and advice needs for Cross Compliance, Farm Assurance and Health and Safety.

We get to know your business, get you up to date and provide expert advice. We prevent replicated work and documents and give advice and support that is tailored to your farm. All whilst helping you to improve the efficiency and sustainability of your business. Ultimately, we provide security and make your work life easier!

Sign up to the service and every year you will receive:

• Paperwork and advice for Cross Compliance, Farm Assurance and Health and Safety
• Four direct contacts with a Rural Compliance Consultant, including a minimum of two site visits.
• Monthly updates via a newsletter
• Inspection attendance
• Advice via phone call or email at any time
• Farm yard and field walks

Cross Compliance documents include:
NVZ Calculations, Manure Management Plans, SSAFO Advice, Drainage Plans, Slurry Storage Calculations, Field Application Records and much more.
You will also be registered for a Lower Tier Waste Carriers Licence and Waste Exemptions.
Farm Assurance documents include:
Vermin Control, Emergency Plan and Contacts, Training Records, Annual Review Forms, Livestock Health Plan, Medicine Records and much more.
Health and Safety documents include:
Health and Safety Policy, Risk Assessments, Employee and Contractor Handbooks, Induction Forms, Vehicle Checklists, Hazard Maps and much more.

Our service is designed to be more than just a ‘tick in the box’. We aim to make a difference to the lives of farmers, their employees and any others who are affected by their work.
Contacts with the Rural Compliance Consultant will be personalised to suit the needs of the farm. This may include, but is not limited to:

• Meetings with employees to include ‘Toolbox Talks’ and Health and Safety training
• Task specific advice tailored to the current on goings of the farm e.g. silaging
• Inventory and Service records of all vehicles, machinery and equipment on the farm
• Medicine Records – assistance to collate and update
• New employee or contractor inductions
If you would like help in taking the stress-free route to compliance, contact the Rural Compliance Service now.

Telephone: 01249 750151