Reminder to Re-Register for Waste Exemptions

Many farmers will need to re-register for waste exemptions over the next couple of months as current exemptions for many are due to expire.  Waste exemptions last three years and the Environment Agency will send out a reminder.

Waste exemptions can be applied for online and are free and simple to complete.  If you are unsure of whether you require a waste exemption or can comply with the limits within each exemption you can contact your local FCG Consultant for advice or visit the website for a full list of available exemptions and the requirements of complying with them.

There are a number of common exemptions that most farmers will need, and these include:
U8 – Using waste for a specified purpose; this would include using old tyres over a silage clamp.
D7 – Burning waste in the open; this would include sawdust and hedge brash.
U10 – Spreading waste to benefit agricultural land; this includes spreading of sludge or composts.

If you are unable to comply with the limits and requirements of the waste exemption then you are likely to require a full environmental permit, these are a legal requirement and are not free to apply for.  If you require further information or advice, please contact Harry Edwards at or your local FCG office.

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