Recruiting and Training Staff

Retaining a motivated workforce is critical for any business and is far from straight forward.  Too often we hear of issues that, with hindsight, could have been avoided.   There are a number of specific areas that employers can manage to help themselves.

This starts before the recruitment process with the preparation of a detailed job description which identifies the tasks to be completed and the skills required in the form of a ‘person specification’.

To a number of applicants, the Curriculum Vitae or CV has become the main route to provide details of achievements and too often we find cases where the reality is somewhat different from the submitted CV.

One popular technique to reduce the risk of this is the use of a pre-interview questionnaire which the interviewee completes and signs prior to the start of the interview.   This sets out a series of questions based on the job description and asks the applicant to rate their skill in each of the key areas, not only does this allow a structured interview but also provides a record of the applicant’s assessment of their own skills and their potential training needs.

Once in employment, an initial probationary period during which a set of agreed standards have to be achieved allows both parties the framework to discuss progress within the new role.  Ensuring that staff remain fully effective is key as the demands of the job change.  Agreeing a training plan or career development plan in the case of more senior staff is an opportunity to review progress.

Training comes in many forms, from the informal on the job training to the formal off sight training which is increasingly expensive and time consuming.  There are a number of other options available and the use of online training programmes provided by a range of organisations are often cost effective ways of maintaining and improving skills and knowledge.  For more information from the AHDB sponsored Dairy Pro click here.  The Dutch company Cow Signals provides a number for different video and online training modules which can be viewed at ones’ own pace, click here for more information.

For more information on the recruitment and training of staff, please contact William at or your local FCG office.

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