Recent Grant Projects Completed

During the first two weeks of February the Gloucester office have had the successful completion of two grant funded projects.  From initial involvement and planning to final claim submission.  One was for a luxury ice cream business.  They came to us looking for help with a grant application to purchase a new ice cream machine that would improve efficiency for the business as well as boosting production.  We were able to guide them throughout the whole LEADER grant process to completion and they were awarded 40% of the cost of the machine which came to £19,000 in grant funding.  The new machine is already providing a benefit to their business by allowing them to explore new product ideas, streamlining and boosting production.

Our second full completion this month was securing a grant for a local dairy farmer under the Countryside Productivity – Farm Productivity scheme.  We successfully secured a 40% grant for £104,000 to cover the purchase and installation of 3 Lely robots and a battery storage system to store his solar energy to run the robots, ensuring a control of future electric costs.  We were on hand to provide fully costed budgets which enabled secured bank lending to be offered at competitive rates and the complete project came in on budget and on time.

Both businesses and many more of our clients have benefitted from the guidance and experience our Gloucester office has in grant applications.

For all grant funding information currently available, please contact Chloe at  or your local FCG office.

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