Planning Consultancy and Disobedient Clients

I was delighted to get the news, that a client for whom I had done an appraisal to help them gain a temporary dwelling five years ago, have – at last – managed to get that temporary permission turned into a permanent one, again with my help.  This is a trout fishing enterprise, with a few Christmas trees, some turf lifting and a handful of sheep alongside, so it is not “agriculture” in the pure sense. However, the client is a genuine grafter, and they do need to live on site.   Additionally, they have of course hugely increased the value of 25 acres of wet, difficult, bare land.

The case above concerns a client who did exactly as I (and their planning consultant) advised.  This is crucial in so many cases, both in planning and in technical management issues, such as dairy cow nutrition.  However, it is frightening when a client refuses to do as you advise, despite being given the same advice by other professionals.  I have two cases of this recently, and it is resulting in very difficult situations for both clients.  They are very different cases, but both could lose their farms. When I am given advice by my lawyer or accountant, I generally feel that as I have paid for it, and as they are the professional in the matter at hand, they probably know best.  Take advice, and act on it!

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