Planning Consultancy and Class Q of the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO)

As a part of our FCG ongoing training and CPD, I organised a day of training on planning earlier this month. One session was from a planning solicitor. One of the areas he specialises in is Class Q of the GPDO. This enables farmers to use permitted development rights to convert agricultural buildings into up to three dwellings, under certain circumstances.

Such permissions have been difficult to obtain in many cases, frequently because buildings are not adequately structurally sound. Many planning authorities appear to be doing all they can to refuse these applications. Indeed, this is borne out by the statistics from some authorities.

The solicitor does have a work-around for this, which can be used in some cases. This can be very effective. Contact me if you want to know more for your own particular situation.

Another piece of advice that is crucial to you could be to apply for permission now for a farm building that could be converted to a dwelling in ten years’ time. Currently new buildings cannot be converted for ten years. The rules may well stay the same as Government has little time for much regulation change over the next few years….due to Brexit.  So again, if this interests you, contact this office for further information.

For further information on planning issues, please contact Charles Holt at or your local FCG office.

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