Planning Appraisals and Complexity

As many readers of this newsletter know, I have been involved in a considerable number of planning permission applications in recent years, many of which need a Planning Appraisal to accompany them.  Sometimes they can be quite simple, and merely state the current situation on a farm, and why a new building, full development or occupational dwelling is required.  In other cases, they can be very complex.

The complex cases can require a detailed analysis and justification of a new or expanding enterprise.   They can necessitate a thorough assessment of why a development is required, and (very importantly) why it adheres to the Council’s policy.  Many planning authorities like to regard themselves as ‘policy-led’ authorities, and so the extent to which an application accords with their policy can be vital to set out.  Similarly, if an application deviates from policy, it is important to explain why the development is still justified.  Clearly, this assessment can be long-winded to carry out, but if done in the right way, the chances of eventual success can be dramatically enhanced.

I am sure I do not need to say that the rewards for having a go and achieving a planning success can be huge.  Contact Charles at or your local FCG Office for all your Planning Appraisal requirements.

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