Planning Advice

A few years ago (in 2008) I assisted a young farmer to obtain planning permission for a temporary dwelling on a 30 acre piece of land, from which he was developing a considerable sheep and cattle business. This was followed by obtaining permission for a (lovely) bricks-and-mortar house, in an expensive part of the “home counties”.  This has been built, and as the business has continued growing substantially, he now has a full-time employee, who he has housed in the temporary dwelling, which is still on site.  It is a small log cabin, so can be permanently sited.

He wants to retain this log dwelling permanently, but the planners object.  Without going into great detail on the case, we are struggling to get them to validate the application.  So, I have obtained the assistance of a planning barrister, and he is in the throes of writing a Barrister’s Advice, to assist the case.

If you have a planning conundrum, contact Charles at as I may be able to offer a slightly unconventional way of unblocking an impasse. 

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