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Tom Malleson

Tel 01935 850093
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Mobile 07496 760242

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Tom joined the Farm Consultancy Group in February 2019 as a part-time consultant focusing on business planning, grassland management and technical advice.

Tom graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2002 and developed his career on a range of dairy farms in the UK and New Zealand.  In 2007 he pooled his resources with a former employer to take on the Contract Farming Agreement of a 400 acre dairy farm in North Dorset, which he is still running today.

Having come from a non-farming background, Tom has hands-on knowledge of making farming pay with limited capital, whilst retaining a sustainable work-life balance.

Tom will be specialising in improving output from pasture and forage, planning for business expansion; and profitable dairy and beef systems, with an emphasis on management of people.