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Prue Waterton

Tel 01249 750151
Fax 01249 750151
Mobile 07557 990234



Prue joined WhiteAvon Consultancy in May 2017 as an Agricultural Consultant. She previously worked for Promar as a bookkeeper for their Tesco Dairy customers.

Having completed a BA at Leeds University, Prue lived for 2 years on a large arable estate in the Borders whilst managing a farm office, producing organic meat in the on-farm butchery as well as getting stuck in to various other farm activities. Prue then decided to further her agricultural knowledge via a Diploma in Agriculture at the Royal Agricultural University Cirencester and then went on to manage a calf rearing unit for a 250-cow dairy herd in Somerset.

Now at White Avon, Prue continues her work in the dairy sector as well as getting involved in CSS, BPS, grant work and budget planning.

Her specific farming interests are dairy, pigs and poultry, agronomy and budgeting.
Outside work Prue participates in various country pursuits including shooting and farming.