WhiteAvon Consultancy is a lively forward-thinking business with seven consultants. The three Partners Max Sealy, George Drewett & Stephanie Emmerson work with Andy Dodd, Wesley Habershon, Cari Beard and Holly Hawker, whilst Odeyne Griffiths and Sachi Newson run the office.

The business provides a wide range of services to an ever-growing farming and rural client base. We aim to provide a high-quality consultancy service to all clients and to play an active part in the wider Farm Consultancy Group.

Max has a wide range of clients across all sectors with a significant focus on dairy. Wesley and Andy are dedicated to dairy and livestock which also includes forage management and financial performance.

George and Steph specialise in arable and livestock consultancy and work with Cari and Holly to provide general farm advice including BPS, grants, financial planning, stewardship and planning appraisals. Cari leads the Rural Compliance Service which provides paperwork and advice for Cross Compliance, Farm Assurance and Health and Safety whilst Holly manages Feedstocks.

We help run several discussion groups including the Calne Dairy Discussion Group, North Wiltshire Arable Group and the Avon Meadow Sheep Group.



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    Whitelands Cottage
    Kington Langley
    SN15 5PD

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