NWTG – Pre-Harvest Health & Safety Training

Appropriate training of staff on farms is becoming ever more important, not only for health and safety reasons but also for employee’s continual professional development (CPD).  Here in Wiltshire, we are fortunate that the North Wiltshire Training Group (NWTG) operates in this part of the country.  NWTG is a not for profit organisation that facilitates training courses at cost price to its members.

NWTG is run by a small, dedicated volunteer committee of which I am involved.  Membership is an annual subscription that covers administrator’s time and other overhead costs.  The not for profit background enables members to undertake courses at cost price.  There are many people and organisations that can offer training, but it can soon become a very expensive operation.  The annual membership is a small price to pay for the range of courses open to you as a member, with the added advantage that whenever possible the course takes place on your own farm.

One course that we are running later this month is the Pre-Harvest Health and Safety training day. This is an extremely popular course, and this year will be taking place on committee member, Ed White’s Farm, near Marlborough.  The course will involve five round robin scenarios, including Power Lines, First Aid, Grain Store Safety, Combine Safety, and Hitching on Trailers.

Other courses to run this summer are ‘Medicine Handling and Administration Training’, ‘New User Telehandler courses’, and ‘Condition Scoring, Mobility Scoring and Transporting Cattle course’.

If you want to know more about the group, and would like to become a member, then please contact Steph Emmerson at stephemmerson@fcgagric.com

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