NVZ Regulations & Record Keeping

links340x340FCG consultants are familiar with the latest regulations and records necessary for full NVZ compliance. This can take the headache out of an NVZ inspection. We can carry out the following:-

  • Calculate your current and future NVZ compliance
  • Survey your farm buildings to assess dirty water/slurry areas
  • Prepare and update your NVZ risk map
  • Keep your fertiliser and organic nitrate field records, which are necessary for compliance
  • Calculate your non-spreading areas and closed periods
  • Work out your slurry storage requirements and the best way to conform to the regulations
  • Carry out nutrient management planning, ensuring that you comply with the N-max calculations
  • Keep records in a computerized format which can be printed in easily understood booklet form

FCG consultants will advise in difficult situations, taking into account the financial constraints of your business.

If you would like more information about NVZ regulations & record keeping please contact Mike Lowe at mikelowe@fcgagric.com or telephone 01326 280886.