Joint Venturing

Over the last year I have seen an increase in farmers coming to my office looking for help and information on joint ventures. What is driving farmers into examining this type of business structure, and what is a joint venture? A joint venture is any business venture where two partners share capital and risk.  This […]

Silage Sampling

It is crucial this year to know what you are feeding your cows.  Good advice on the method of sampling silage to achieve a representative sample is included on the AHDB website.  It is simple to follow, but to enable your nutritionist to balance up your ration correctly, they must have sound information on which […]

Women in Dairy

The annual Women in Dairy conference this year, themed ‘Breaking Barriers’, highlighted the importance of tackling those barriers at farm level.  When the industry is in a state of confusion and unknown change, concentrating on your own farm and the improvements or problem solving that can be done, will ensure at least some change is […]

It’s All About People!

The above statement was the answer by a host dairy farmer visited on a recent discussion group trip, when asked about the difference in youngstock rearing performance between his four dairy herds. He said that the biggest risk to a disease outbreak (he was referring to Johne’s) was the personnel on the ground managing the […]