Drought Planning

This season’s very difficult weather will leave many producers short of forage for this winter.  It is not something to leave for later.  A plan must be hatched.  It is generally easier to calculate it in dry matter (DM) terms, as it is easier to work everything out.  (I recently had to explain this to […]

Farm Community Network – Andrew Jones

In what can only be described as a ‘once in a generation’ year, with an exceptionally wet spring which turned very quickly in to the driest start to a summer since modern records began in 1961, we are expecting some to struggle. Having worked through what was believed to be the worst drought for 1,000 […]

Business Briefing Newsletter August 2018

Welcome to the August edition of the Farm Consultancy Group Business Briefing Newsletter.   In this issue you will find articles on Leader funding, outwintering, fats ‘Agflation’, Brexit Ruminations and Calne Dairy Discussion  Group’s trip to Denmark. Outwintering – Phil Cooper (Sherborne) With the dry weather and no site of rain, it is hard to see […]


With the dry weather and no site of rain, it is hard to see how outwintering crops can be grown successfully this year.  Kale planted in May has not really grown and is patchy at best.  Stubble turnips require around 12 weeks to grow a reasonable crop, assuming there is some moisture, so would need […]