Thoughts from Oxford

Oxford is the place to head in the first week of the new year if you need to reset yourself after the holiday period, whether it’s to the Oxford Farming Conference or the Oxford Real Farming Conference which this year celebrated 10 years.  As food producers 2 slides above all caught my attention There is […]

How Can FCG Help My Farm Business?

Over four years ago, we sat down with the Pickford family and they asked us that same question, read on to discover how FCG consultants have worked with the family to improve farm profitability and reduce the reliance on bought in feed. Main Aims – To boost farm profitability. – To improve milk from forage. – Enable herd […]

What Are Your Cows Telling You? – Andrew Jones

Just like you and I, cows display sidedness behaviour.  You might have noticed by the way a cow prefers to lie on a particular side, or more stand for milking on one side of a herringbone parlour no matter what you try!  Scientifically this is referred to as laterality. For a cow the right-hand side […]

“Peer To Peer Lending”

“Peer-to-Peer” lending has grown hugely in the UK in recent years.  Information on the risks and rewards of it are widely available on line, with some of the most authoritative advice on the Martin Lewis website.  The three most widely used such lenders are Funding Circle, Zopa and Ratesetter. Folk2Folk is a “peer lender” based […]