As the outcome of Brexit rumbles on, we have as a group of consultants, recently met to discuss the various diversified enterprises that are carried out on clients’ farms. The diversity is astounding but can be broken down into utilising the land or buildings for a third party to develop a business and our clients […]


There are various forms of waste.  Within Lean management eight areas of waste have been identified as follows, they can be remembered by the acronym DOWNTIME: 1. Defects: sick animals, poor communication, poor feed quality, lameness, etc. 2. Overproduction: more milk produced than can be sold for the best price, e.g. B milk production, producing more heifers […]

Farming for Small Mammals with Mid-Tier Stewardship

I recently attended the FWAG silver pintail awards for Gloucestershire.  It was a very interesting evening which highlighted the many simple but very effective ways in which every farmer could incorporate some simple management options alongside their normal farming activities to have an incredible benefit to some of our more secretive wildlife species such as […]

Is Your Finance Structure Correct for the Next Year?

2018 has been a very challenging year with a hot summer and the total uncertainty of feed stocks and straw costs through the winter and early spring. Have you had to consider a new or larger overdraft facility? Cattle prices have certainly caused a rethink about timing of sales and perhaps delayed income. Have you […]