Covers on Manure Stores

Around 11% of total agricultural ammonia emission in the UK occurs during manure storage.  The value of this loss is around £15 million per year.  Installing a cover can help to reduce losses of nitrogen as ammonia and help prevent dilution from rain water.  If proposals in Defra’s Clean Air Strategy 2018 are adopted, covers […]

Planning Appeal Success

Early in the morning of 25th July I had a call from the planning consultant I was working with on a planning appeal hearing due to take place that day.  Had I heard about the new NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework)?  No, I hadn’t.  I was aware one was due, but its arrival late the […]

Moving On

Over the years we have been involved with a number of farming businesses where the partners’ circumstances have changed, and they need to dissolve a long-standing partnership.   In a small number of cases this can cause no end of heart ache between family members.   Often the situation appears to the family to be complex and […]

Grateful Client

The following email was recently received from a farm manager client who had asked for help developing the 400 cow dairy unit where he had recently been appointed as manager.  Our short report had helped him to set the course for the business with the following outcomes. “We have been quite fortunate not to have […]