Feeding Fresh Calved Cows Updates – Andrew Jones

Over the past month I have come across new articles regarding the feeding of transition / fresh cows and the better source of protein & carbohydrates for both, that I thought were worth sharing. The first was a Canadian article regarding the feeding of rape (canola) meal, compared to soya bean meal, to early lactation […]

Enforcement Success

An enquiry or visit from a local authority Enforcement Officer can herald the arrival of all sorts of planning trouble. Frequently, they start with a formal request for information on what you are doing on your land, often using a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN) to gain more information. You are compelled to complete this. You […]

Are Your Feeders Accurate?

I have written about this before, but feel it is prudent to once again remind people to calibrate your in and out parlour feeders. With concentrate prices rising this year by £40 per tonne or more, ensuring that the right volume of concentrates fed is even more essential. Parlour feeders both in and outside will […]

Stop And Think!

You can’t force yourself to think faster. If you try, you’re likely to end up making much worse decisions. As your business grows you get further away from the machinery or the animals and you are managing the business, lots of information and people. Your day probably consists of trying to make the right choices […]