Planning Permission Success

Generally, I assist farmers in getting planning permission for new farm buildings and houses on their land, but occasionally I am asked to help remove an Agricultural Occupation Clause (AOC) from a house on their property. I have recently assisted two ex-farmers do this on two separate properties, that just happen to be in the […]

How Important is Rumen pH?

Rumen pH is critical for cow health and milk production. Feeding a balanced ration throughout the twenty-four-hour period will keep rumen pH constant. Fibre is one of the main sources for good rumen health, but it is a very complex carbohydrate, and its digestion is totally reliant on source. The amount and rate of digestion […]

Efficient Use of Slurry

With fertiliser prices rising in excess of 30% compared to last year taking account of slurry and FYM applied to land is even more important to ensure that you do not use more purchase in-organic fertiliser than you need to. This should be coupled with up-to-date soil samples to ensure you target the slurry and […]