Women in Dairy

The annual Women in Dairy conference this year, themed ‘Breaking Barriers’, highlighted the importance of tackling those barriers at farm level.  When the industry is in a state of confusion and unknown change, concentrating on your own farm and the improvements or problem solving that can be done, will ensure at least some change is […]

It’s All About People!

The above statement was the answer by a host dairy farmer visited on a recent discussion group trip, when asked about the difference in youngstock rearing performance between his four dairy herds. He said that the biggest risk to a disease outbreak (he was referring to Johne’s) was the personnel on the ground managing the […]


Shredlage™ developed by Claas is a process of harvesting maize that is commonly used in the US and could offer benefits to UK dairy farmers.  The growing of the maize crop is exactly the same as for conventional harvesting.  The main difference comes during harvest when the crop is shredded lengthways and the grains are […]

Business Briefing Newsletter September 2018

Welcome to the September edition of the Farm Consultancy Group Business Briefing Newsletter.   In this issue you will find articles on Newules relating to livestock movements, Ostertagiosis Warning, Sustainable Production Grant,  Affected most by summer drought, Covers on manure stores, Planning appeal success, Moving on, Grateful client, Drought planning, Farming community network. New Rules Relating to Livestock Movements (Wales) – Cled Richards (Carmarthen) There […]