Business Briefing March 2016

Welcome to The Farm Consultancy Group’s March 2016 edition of the Business Briefing Newsletter.  In this issue topics covered include surviving on low a milk price and A & B Milk pricing schemes are discussed as well and keeping the Bank on your side.  During 2015, farmers who were supplying several milk buyers experienced a drop in […]

Beef Returns On The Margin

The AHDB analysis of different beef systems show considerably negative net margins for average producers and £20-£50/hd positive net margins for the top third of producers. In an industry that is receiving 10-15% higher farm sale prices than imported Irish beef, this situation is not sustainable. From the AHDB commentary on the results, total cost […]

What is the Dairy Cow Transition Period and the Role of Ketosis

Successful transition cow management is a key component of on farm performance and profitability. By not managing this period correctly we invite metabolic issues and poor performance, which adds extra costs and increases workload. Fig.1 illustrates the key areas of change for a cow from one lactation to the next. Arguably the 30 days leading […]

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

What are the main physical and financial drivers for your business goals and aspirations? Is it yield per cow, stocking rate, feed cost per litre, tonnes liveweight sold/ha, days away from the business per year… The list is endless, but it shouldn’t be for you. Once you know what you are trying to achieve and […]