How Do We Grow As Much Grass As Dad Did Twenty Years Ago?

This was an interesting question posed to me by a client recently, they provided me with recent soil analysis data and some nutrient analysis from their silages and a recommendation for some commercially available biological supplements, along with the supplementary question “would this help”. I suspect that the issue of not growing as much grass […]

It’s Not Just Farmers With Weather Problems!

British Farmers have every right to be concerned about the weather at the moment, the Met Office having just confirmed that this has been the coldest April for 40 years, and certainly one of the driest that I can remember (though I am happy to say I don’t go back quite that far!). However, our […]

Beware Agri-Inflation

What a difference a year makes! There was much uncertainty in the agri commodity markets last year as the world had entered lockdown. Now we are emerging with record high beef (+25%) and lamb prices (+33%), raising dairy (+10%) and arable crop prices (+30%). Negative interest rates have been talked about much in the last […]

Business Briefing April 2021

Welcome to the April 2021 edition of the Farm Consultancy Group Business Briefing Newsletter.   In this issue you will find articles on Planning Permission Success, How Important is Rumen pH?, Efficient Use of Slurry and many more… Generally, I assist farmers in getting planning permission for new farm buildings and houses on their land, but […]