Flooding – Practical and Holistic Approach is Needed

The last few weeks of wet weather have again highlighted the pressing issue of flooding and the seemingly continual cycle of restoring damaged land only for it to be under water in no time. The issue of how to manage flooding and alleviate the problems caused are complex with many stakeholders involved from landowners and […]

Zoom Consultancy One Year On

No-one needs reminding of what has happened to the country and the structure of our working lives in the last 12 months. Needless to say, within our consultancy businesses, we have seen a great deal of change with how we communicate and work with our clients. Many of our on-farm activities including technical consultancy have […]

Beware The ‘Standard Man Day’

When applying for planning consent for a rural worker’s dwelling, it is still commonplace for councils to require a functional and financial test. This is a hangover from the 1992 Planning Practice Guidance and requires a business to prove that it is both financially sound and that there is an essential need for a dwelling […]

Agriculture is Full of Innovation – Don’t Miss Out on the Potential Cash Back To Which You Could Be Entitled

For the last 20 years, the R&D Tax Relief scheme has awarded billions of pounds to companies that have spent time and money seeking advancements and overcoming unique scientific or technological uncertainties. Many UK farming businesses are eligible for R&D tax credits but are missing out due to misconceptions that eligible activity is limited to […]