Making Tax Digital

FCG Accounting Ltd is our sister company, which produces an accounting package specifically for farms and rural businesses. It has now launched our MTD-ready accounts package. If you still produce accounts on a paper-based system, or on a spreadsheet, or you wish to move up to a very cost-effective accounting package with an excellent suite of reports (including comprehensive CFP reports for dairy farmers), then please contact us urgently.

Our first clients have now submitted digital VAT returns using our system, so it works both in theory and in practice. We always knew it would work, but just as when the first men landed on the moon, it was good to see that the plan can come to fruition! Not that we are quite claiming that sort of “giant leap”……

There are many accounting packages around, some of which are being pushed hard by accountants and bookkeepers. However, many do not have the facilities for recording physical numbers (cows, litres, hectares, for instance), so have a limited reporting capability for farmers. Ours does, as well as being able to produce all that your accountant needs, and full VAT reporting. VAT inspections run very smoothly when the VAT Inspector sees our reports.

Contact Charles at or your local FCG office, for a demo disk on our MTD compliant software.

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