LEADER Funding; Grab it Whilst You Can

Without repeating too much of what my colleagues have said in the previous month’s newsletter, LEADER funding is coming to an end.

If you have any pieces of equipment you were thinking about buying to help improve productivity on farm (Priority 1) or were considering converting a redundant barn into holiday accommodation or setting up a farm shop, then please do not miss out on the opportunity to apply for LEADER funding of up to 40% grant funding towards your project costs.

Some areas have already closed:

• Oxfordshire LEADER is closed.
• Heart of Wessex is closed for Priority 1.
• West of England is closed.
• Vale & Plain still open.
• Sussex Downs still open.
• The Cotswolds LEADER Programme is accepting EOIs up to 31st August 2018.
• North Wessex Downs is closed for Priority 1.

If your local area is not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact Steph to check if your area is still available for funding, or should you have a project in the pipeline, then once again, please do not hesitate to get in touch as Steph would be happy to hear about your project and point you in the best direction to secure grant funding.

To discuss LEADER funding further, contact Steph at stephemmerson@fcgagric.com or your local FCG office.

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