Late Spring?

After a challenging spring weather wise, with hopefully better weather ahead, are you prepared to turn out cattle to grass?  Just because grass growth has been delayed or you are later getting fertiliser applied, doesn’t mean cattle cannot go out once the weather warms up.  Farmers more often admit that in hindsight, cattle could have been turned out earlier when Mother Nature compensates in later spring for a slow start.

With exorbitant straw prices and quality silage stocks receding, you could be saving £1-£1.50/hd per day for each day cattle are out earlier.  Grass quality benefits as lower covers grazed tighter result in better subsequent sward quality for silage or grazing.  Cattle will also perform better the sooner they are grazing spring grass.

Don’t allow a ‘late weather spring’ as an excuse for even later turnout than normal.  Challenge your livestock growing costs.  You will be pleasantly surprised what can be achieved, even in perceived adverse conditions.

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