Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Recently, a training course on KPIs was run for FCG consultants especially in the dairying area.  KPIs are not only useful to us as consultants but also to you the farmer, or any business for that matter.
What key five physical or financial measurements in your business would you measure to give you the best indication of how well your business is performing?  Is it milk from forage per cow or cows per labour unit, cow replacement rate or litres fuel used per Ha of crop grown or stocking rate?  This list could be endless.

You might not be monitoring your business profitability on a monthly basis or on a here and now basis as this is a very complex calculation.  But by being able to take 10-15 minutes to work out your key five KPIs, it will give you a high probability of how well you are on track to achieving your targeted business goals.

What are your five KPIs?  Do you know how to calculate them yourself?  How good are your KPIs vs your target and benchmarked vs your contemporaries?

Contact Gerard at or your local FCG office, for more information on using KPIs to monitors your business.

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