Keeping Up to Date, So That You Are Up to Date!!

The FCG Sherborne Office is a growing small business with a team of 13 of us. People are our biggest asset and we are continually investing in their training and development. We want the team to grow and develop as the business grows. A more informed and capable team will add more value to your business and these same statements that I have just made apply equally to your business.

Our team attends six training days per year with FCG nationally. Less experienced consultants also attend the ongoing FCG Futures Foundation consultancy training in house. Here are some of the external courses attended and qualifications received in last 12 months.

Emily – Completed BASIS Soil and Water course and is currently completing her FACTS training for fertiliser and manures advice.

Karen – Microsoft Access for database use & First Aid Trained.

Mark – BIAC Rural and Agricultural Consultant Foundation 1 and Cow Signals qualified and currently about to undergo FACTS qualification.

Phil – Completed a 12-month course on Beef Management run by AHDB during the summer.

Andrew – Has completed a number of Cow Signals training modules and is a qualified feed adviser and registered on FAR.

Ed – is now over 12 months FCA qualified to broker agricultural finance.

What training are you offering your farm business team?  Investing in your people is crucial irrespective of your business type.  Even you need updating and continual development.  Contact Gerard at, or your local FCG Office, to discuss your teams’ training needs and see how we can help.

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