Keep in Touch

With the current situation and the related lock down, the greatest favour you can do people is to communicate regularly and keep in touch.  Loneliness is one of the greatest enemies of working in an enforced isolation.  Farming is already a lonely occupation, and this has become even harder.

With the use of Face Time, Whats App and the various other messaging systems available on many mobile phones, it is possible to keep in touch easily.  By using a video phone call, people can be seen which makes a communication/conversation far more appealing to us.  It also enables you to see and understand how people are keeping.  Mental stress may be one of the more undesirable consequences to arise from the current problems.

If there are more staff involved in your business and maybe several sites, then the use of free Zoom conference calling can be a very effective way of maintaining contact while also retaining social distancing.  You could involve your business professionals in this as well, so helping to retain perspective.  Obviously as consultants we will all be trying to maintain contact with our clients, friends and family.  Indeed, as a group, FCG held a very effective Zoom conference between ten businesses.  By being able to see the expressions on people’s faces, it enhanced the communication, and all were able to get their points of view across while following a loose agenda.

Contact Ian at or your local FCG office to chat things through.

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