It’s Not a Crime to Take Time Off!

Every farmer is very busy and in a lot of cases feels that they cannot take time off away from the farm as they “need” to be there. Taking time off is not a crime, in fact you could argue that not taking time off is a crime.

Time off gives you chance to recharge and reenergise both physically and mentally. This should in turn enable you to make better decision when you come back to work.

Looking after yourself is really important for your business success and just as important as looking after your staff, stock or crops. It is also important to take time off and spend time with your family, if you have one, and friends.

There is an increasing level of mental health issues within agriculture. The stress of the drought last year, rising input prices and falling commodity prices all add to the stress. Farming can be a very isolated job and having time away to refocus is essential. Is your business set up to give you time off? Many people believe that their business would not function if they went away for a weekend, let alone a week. If this is the case for you then you need to ask yourself why?

• Is the business too complex and require simplifying?
• Do I trust my staff, if not why not? Do they need training?
• Is all the information stored in my head and needs putting down on paper?
• Are you afraid to delegate responsibility?
• Do you believe that no one else can do the job as well as you?

These are all common issues within all businesses not just farming. If the business is working for you then there should be no reason why you can’t take at least a week off, on holiday and not worry about what is happening on the farm. If you feel you can’t, then are you working for the business, rather than it working for you? Are you employed or self-employed?


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