Invitation to Scholars to Join University of Reading Research Bid on Regenerative Agriculture

Nick Bardsley at the University of Reading is offering farmers who have adopted regenerative practice to be part of a research project that he is submitting to UK Research and Innovation fund (UKRI).

The specific focus is whether or not farmers should be paid for maintaining / increasing soil carbon (under e.g. the proposed ELMS in the UK), if so how, or whether alternative means should be deployed. There are issues of measurement, policy design, unintended consequences, and optimising for environmental and health outcomes that he is keen to investigate.

Nick is aiming is to bring together farmers, soil ecologists familiar with and interested in regenerative agriculture, and policy researchers, but in such a way that the research is driven as much by practice as by science. This is an opportunity for farmers and researchers to share and build upon best practice.

The research call put out by UKRI requires external input from farmers and other interested bodies to the proposal and is flexible about what form that takes. It can be a form of subcontracting where appropriate or more of a partnership relationship.

The next step would be to gather comments on a draft proposal to be shaped by input from farmers and land managers. An outline bid needs to be submitted by April 22nd which if passed would lead to a full bid in October.

If you would like to discuss this with Nick Bardsley, please contact him directly on 0118 3784545 or contact William Waterfield at for more information.

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