Hugs From A Farmer

It is not often that I receive a hug from a farmer-client and his wife, but when it happens, it is hugely gratifying.  I recently appeared at a planning committee to assist them in their application for a dwelling on the farm.  We got an approval from the committee, which led to the hug.

This was the first time I had been involved with them, but they had tried four different schemes on four previous occasions with other advisors.  So it was never going to be plain sailing.  The senior planning officer involved started off by being dead against the proposals, but we managed to turn him around to be for us eventually.

They have a strong business, and a strong case, so it was a matter of presenting it in the best light, and in a way that got over the initial objections of both the planning officers, and a vociferous objecting neighbour who is a solicitor for a well-known national firm.  He threatened a Judicial Review, many times, if the application was passed.  The solicitor is now apparently so impressed, that he has asked me to help in an application on a parcel of land of his own.  The threat of a JR has been withdrawn.

But the good feeling one gets from a successful job done, and a delighted client, is probably the best thing about being a farm management consultant.

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