How Can FCG Help My Farm Business?

Over four years ago, we sat down with the Pickford family and they asked us that same question, read on to discover how FCG consultants have worked with the family to improve farm profitability and reduce the reliance on bought in feed.

Main Aims
– To boost farm profitability.
– To improve milk from forage.
– Enable herd to maximise genetic potential with infrastructure limitations.

How has FCG worked with the family to achieve these aims?
– Andy Dodd & Max Sealy provide business support, including cash flow projections and performance analysis.
– Wesley Habershon provides monthly nutrition and forage support.
– Quarterly meetings are held with the FCG team, the Pickford family, Tom Allan (Herd manager), farm staff, George Vets and Cogent breeding team.

Improvements in performance include:
– Yield increase from 8,900 litres to 10,200 litres
– Milk from forage increased from 17% to 35%
– Milk from forage/Ha increased by 3,145 litres
– Milk solids increased by 92 kg/cow
– Feed cost reduced by 1.35 ppl on average (-2.13 ppl when weather has allowed consistent grazing)
– Constant MOPF even with -6.17 milk price in 2017 and -5.68 milk price in 2018 compared to 2014

The team approach has also seen significant technical improvement with:
– Spring & Autumn block service period reduced to 8 weeks
– Milk fever cases reduced to 1 case per 100 cows
– Mastitis cases reduced to 30 cases per 100 cows
– 96% of the herd with a mobility score of 0 or 1
– EID and shedding gate utilised to ensure cows efficiently graze while maintaining nutritional requirements.

The improvements achieved over the last 4½ years has now led to FCG carrying out a full review of the dairy enterprise to evaluate the best way to invest in new facilities to improve performance further and future proof dairy farming at Upper Farm for the next generation.

To start achieving results like this please contact Wesley at or your local FCG Office.

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