Herd Management Opportunity with Profit Share – North Dorset

An exciting opportunity to enter a joint venture dairy farming agreement has arisen in North Dorset.   The suitable person would initially manage the herd for one year, with the intention of taking on a formal share farming arrangement for a five-year period.  The farm owner is looking to hand over responsibility for the running of the dairy herd whilst sharing the farming profit going forward.  He will retain a role on the farm carrying out yard work and some field operations, and rearing youngstock and beef cattle.  He is willing to provide some investment in the dairy unit but not to cover any significant expansion.

The farm has 88ha in a ring fence with most grazeable by milking cows.  External support land is available for supplying fodder and rearing followers.  180 Cubicles, 16:16 Parlour which needs updating to increase throughput.  Currently milking 160 cows at 6200 l per cow, with high solids at 4.5% butterfat and 3.5% protein, on a manufacturing milk contract.  Current calving pattern is AYR.  A 3-bed cottage on the farm will be available if needed.

We are looking for someone with suitable experience of managing a dairy herd, and the necessary business skills and knowledge to run the farm at profit and take a share in these profits on top of a competitive basic salary.

This would ideally be suited to an existing herdsperson or dairy manager who is looking to take a step on the dairy farming ladder to build capital for future progression to a longer-term farming agreement.
The closing date for expressions of interest is 15th November 2019.

If you are interested in this proposal and are looking for the next step on your career ladder, please contact Tom Malleson of The Farm Consultancy Group on 07496 760242, or email tommalleson@fcgagric.com

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