Hedge Trimming Derogations

GAEC 7a – Boundaries; bans the cutting or trimming of hedges/trees between 1st March and 31st August 2018. However, if OSR or temporary grassland will be sown during August 2018, a derogation from this GAEC 7a requirement can be applied for to allow any hedges (or trees) associated with those land parcels to be cut and trimmed in August. Written permission must be received from the RPA before any trimming or cutting of hedges/trees is done, therefore this derogation should be applied for as early as possible so that this written permission is received from the RPA before the work is done.

To apply, please contact Steph Emmerson on 07590 228670 or stephemmerson@fcgagric.com or your local FCG office and we will be able to assist you with the derogation request. 

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