Grazing 10,000 Litre Cows at Grass During Peak Yields

It is commonly stated that it is not possible to graze a high genetic merit cow at grass, especially during early lactation and serving.

The attached rations demonstrate a current client ration (1) before grazing and (2) with 5 hours of grazing introduced.  In 2017 season this spring block group not only saved significant feed costs through grazed grass but also managed to close the service window and improve fertility.

I have included current forages available and housed concentrate and fat supplies.  As you can see from some of the attached nutrient values I have managed to balance the ration to similar values whilst increasing the forage intake to 16kg/day at 2.3% of bodyweight from forage/grass intake.

The net result is that we can reduce total feed cost by 67pence/cow/day. Over a 120 cow high group this is £2,450 saving a month and as much as £14,720 over a 6 month grazing window.

Spring/Summer grass contains a high level of fermentable energy, rumen and bypass protein, vitamin E and the amino acids Lysine and Arginine.  Whilst cows will also benefit from increased absorption of vitamin D from being outside, bypass protein and vitamin E are particularly expensive.

To achieve performance like this, please contact Wesley at or your local FCG Office.

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