Grass Management and Forage Management

grass-managment340x340Grass and home grown forage is the largest and cheapest feeding resource for dairy and livestock farmers. FCG consultants recognise the crucial importance of forage in delivering a profitable livestock enterprise. FCG consultants can offer sound practical advice on how to grow, utilise and manage this valuable resource to suit your farming system.

FCG take industry research and knowledge on best practice and show how this can be transferred to your business. Advice is given on optimising the quality and quantity of forage grown, through using the correct forage system and optimum stocking rates to suit your farm.

Specialising in dairy production, FCG consultants cover all aspects of forage management from planning and managing conserved forage to specialist grazing systems. Our emphasis is always on milk from grass and utilising high volumes of grazed grass to produce high volumes of milk and milk solids per ha.

Benchmarking groups of farmers and leading discussion groups are two of the tools we regularly use, to help farmers challenge their own results. These tools are particularly useful in assessing forage production and utilisation. Constructive criticism is a tool of consultancy that FCG is adept at using throughout our consultancy work, and discussion groups are an excellent forum for applying this.

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