Grants in Wales

There are a number of grant application windows currently open in Wales, namely:

The Farm Business Grant (FBG)

The grant provides a 40% contribution towards capital investments for equipment and machinery that have been pre-identified as offering clear and quantifiable benefits to farm enterprises.

A list of the eligible items can be found at;

Eligibility for the FBG requires the business to have had a representative attend a ‘Farming for the Future’ event organised by Farming Connect.

The maximum grant award is £12,000
The minimum grant award is £3,000

If you have applied for the FBG in one of the first two application windows and your application has been selected, but did not reach the £12,000 maximum, you can apply in this or a future window.  The grant value of your EOI must be £3,000 or more.  This application window closes on the 12th of April. 

Glastir Small Grants (Landscape & Pollinators)

The window for applications for the third round of Glastir Small Grants is now open and will close on the 12th of May.  Applications for the following capital works applications are invited;

• Tree planting
• Hedge coppicing and gapping up
• Hedge laying
• Hedge planting for pollinators
• Dry stone wall restoration
• Earth bank restoration
• Stone faced bank restoration

The full technical guidance is available on the link below;

For more information on any of these grant schemes, contact Cled at

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