Follow Up On Recent Grant Application Success

Last year we completed a grant application on behalf of a farm shop to help cover building work costs when installing a new café kitchen.  We successfully applied for the grant of £70,000 and helped to obtain loan approval from the bank in the face of less than exciting historic accounts.  We then oversaw the whole process and ensured any delays experienced during the build did not disrupt cashflow, to allow a quick construction phase and allowed the business to fully utilise the summer weather.

I visited the farm shop last week and since opening only a couple of months ago, the car park was full.  The reviews from customers have been positive and the new café has been performing above budget with increased turnover from the farm shop to match.  With all the negativity around currently, it is rewarding to see such a success story.

If you require further information or advice  on grants, or business planning, please contact Harry at or your local FCG Office.

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